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  • Piano Instruction - Studio or In-Home Lessons on Mercer Island

  • Pianist Bob Pajer,  Seattle area's highly acclaimed pianist 
  •          brings his performance skills in classical and 
  •          jazz piano to his Mercer Island Studio.   

  • Banquet Pianist for Boeing, Cedarbrook Lodge, Salish Lodge, 
  •      Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club, Washington Mutual Bank  
  •      and many more venues

  • Bob teaches students of all ages, emphasizing 
  •      the joy of playing the piano for one's own enhoyment, 
  •      performance for friends and family, or preparation 
  •     for Carnegie Hall - Royal Conservatory of Music Exams 
  • Call 206-683-7700 or email pianosolosseattle@comcast.net 
  •      for more information 
  •      and the first trial lesson is free.


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 Comments from Parents and Students

Thank you for the scrapbook idea for Annabelle's music progression.  We will continue assignments in Time To Begin, listening to Bach, and memorizing the notes on the grand staff.  I am glad she is sight reading well.  You are an outstanding teacher!! ��

Thank you,

Parent Review Updated for 2017

Hi Bob, 

Evangeline E. just left you a review:

Bob is awesome and has great patience with kids. My son and my daughter enjoyed their lessons and we are grateful that he is their teacher.

Hi Bob, 

Dan T. just left you a review:


Bob Pajer is currently a piano instructor for our 9 years old son and had been since 2015 here in Snoqualmie. Bob is wonderful with children of all ages. He has shown his love for them through his teaching lessons. Bob articulates his teaching vision extremely well as he takes his time making sure his student understand the theoretical aspect of the lessons before moving on to the next level. He has an ability to break down complex theories and make it simple, fun and easy to understand. Bob set high expectations for his students and expect nothing but the best for them. Bob brings a wealth of experience in piano teaching to his job and his passion for music has demonstrated that he can teach at any levels. Bob understand music especially piano both at the practical as well as the theoretical level would makes him a great choice for instructor. We are extremely happy to have found Bob from a recommendation of our neighbor and would highly recommend Bob to anyone who needs to take piano lessons at an indepth level. His passion and dedication for music will make it fun and productive for everyone.

Thank you —

C. W.  Just left you a review

But for you, Bob, I am sure that my son would have quit the piano long time ago. Before meeting you, he once told me that he hated music and piano--look at him now, this is a kid who searches out music on the internet, experimenting on the piano on his own and, once in a while, plays sad music after midnight because he is stressed out at something :). I once recorded him playing at 2am because he woke me up! (the Mom of a current student.)


Hi Bob, just want to sharte this with you:


Mr. Pajer is a wonderful teacher. His dedication to the profession and art of teaching was clear from our very first meeting, and his experience speaks for itself. But what has been most impressive to us, as a family that has had experience with other piano teachers, is his ability to connect with our two (very different) children, adjust his style to address their (very different) learning styles, show endless patience, and, most of all, inspire them to do their best.  What's more, Mr. Pajer provides opportunities for his students to attend local concerts, and helps to prepare them for assessment by the Royal Conservatory of Music.  He also provides his students with the opportunity to perform at a yearly recital.  We just couldn’t be happier that his and our paths crossed. (The Morrows - Snoqualmie, WA)


Hi Bob,

I wanted to send a quick thank you for your beautiful music at our retirement party at the Sorrento on Wednesday evening. (January 2017)  I'm so pleased that you were available on such short notice and were able to provide the perfect complement to our event, and with no guidance.  You are lovely.

Thanks again,

Emily Pratt


Bergman Draper Ladenburg, PLLC

821 2nd Avenue, Suite 2100

Seattle, WA  98104

Phone: (206) 957-9510

Fax: (206) 957-9549 



 We can not thank you enough for the wonderful experiences and lessons you have been sharing with our children and all of the accomplishment they have achieved!  We are very grateful.  Carol and Shawn



2018-19 Studio Newsletter 



Studio Newsletter

SnoValley Piano Studio &

Mercer Island Piano Studio

2018 - 2019

The Royal Conservatory of Music Development Program

Bob Pajer, Pianist and Teacher,  NCTM, WSCTM

National and Washington State Certified Teacher of Music in Piano

Studio Founded 1999 

Teaching Goals and policies:  

PURPOSE:  Every person, I believe, should have the opportunity to pursue the study of music through its history and theory, performance and the art of listening. Music enhances one’s quality of life, broadens one’s experience in the arts, and may become a lifelong companion to all endeavors.  In moments of sorrow, it brings peace.  In living, inner solace and comfort in our discomfort.  To moments of joy it brings the harmony of song.  From the arts of the ages, Truth, Wisdom and Love —  all available to everyone. 

SnoValley Studio on the Ridge and Mercer Island Piano Studio are dedicated to this purpose through the study of music at the piano.  We are involved in all aspects of music through weekly lessons, which Include practicing skills in performance, theory and harmony, sight reading, ear training and gaining a knowledge of music history in all genres.  We are proud to have achieved the highest level of examination grades in Washington State as a part of the original Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory of Music Achievement Program, in which all of our students can participate if they wish.      


We emphasize full participation and communication among students, parents and your teacher.  Periodic lesson plans are provided to parents and students throughout the teaching year.  For young students parents are encouraged to be a part of the plan of study for the year by reviewing learning goals, planning preparation and practice



The weekly and daily learning objectives are to provide the resources for learning all aspects of musicianship at the highest level of knowledge possible and the highest skill level individually achievable in performance and music appreciation — while experiencing the utmost in enjoyment and fun.  To achieve this, every student is taught how to practice independently, using the practice skills taught at lessons.  Minimum practice time each day is 20 minutes for beginners, soon, within a year, reaching an hour, as the student becomes more advanced.  Three brief lessons are provided throughout the summer to asses the maintenance and retention of the student’s skills during the break.  Some time at the piano each day is recommended during all breaks.  We strive to become “piano players” not just “piano practicers.” 

The Broader Perspective - Musicianship 

To provide a broader experience in music at least one field trip each year is included in the cost of tuition.  As a group we attend either the Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra in concert or a concert by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.  This is arranged by your teacher, who attends with students and families.  This field trip is the minimum each student should do to provide a basis for becoming a life long student of music, both listening and performing.  Our overall objective is for our students to become highly skilled amateur musicians, proficiently performing on the instrument they love— an amateur musician is one who loves music and has the skills and knowledge to fully enjoy it as a listener and as a performer. Your teacher is a professional pianist and has been performing for over 50 years.

Student Recital

There is one student recital during the teaching year, held at Seattle’s Benaroya Soundbridge Recital Hall, or at another venue. This has become for us an afternoon of fun and enjoyment in “giving away” one’s musical accomplishments to others.  As with all artistic accomplishment, giving the accomplishment away is keeping it.    

The Year 2018-19 — Our Experience

The Studio is now entering its 18th year of providing music education to families in the Seattle area.  The year 2017-18  brought our performance level to, as in past years, a year of truly outstanding accomplishments.  It has been one of the most satisfying experiences I have been privileged to have in my career as teacher.  Having said the same for the last several years, I’m sure all will remember their experience for many, many years to come.  Yet, we are looking forward to so much more, as you join us in this new and exciting year at the piano.

Class Schedules, Tuition and Attendance.  The official Teaching Schedule for the 2018-19 year follows in this Newsletter, along with tuition information, attendance and other information.  

Contact Information:

Phone:  206-683-7700

Email:  MiPianoStudio@comcast.com


Web: www.PianoSolosSeattle.com  

Please continue the policies for the Studio on page 6, under General Policies. 


Beginning Date



Classes Begin

October 1, 2018

June 16, 2019

30 Classes

Thanksgiving Break

November 22

November 23

Return on Nov. 24

Winter Break

December 20

January 1

Return on Jan.2

Mid-Winter Break

February 16, 2019

February 22, 2019

Return on Feb. 25

Spring Break

April 8, 2019

April 14, 2019

Return on April 15

Summer Classes - Additional Reduced Summer Fee

Two Half Hour Classes 

Dates to Be Determined*

Summer classes conducted in the Mercer Island Studio only.  

Student Recital 

All Students

May 18, 2019

Subject to change based on availability at venue

Field Trip 

Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra 



Included in tuition are the following:  

30 scheduled lessons/events

Tuition includes an allowance of up to $80.00 for music performance books for building of the student’s personal music library (RCM books excluded)  

Student Recital

Field trip ticket price for students

Registration fee

**Dates subject to change based on availability of venue. ** Additional lessons can be arranged.


General Policies

Free Parking is available for my students in the building where the Studio is located in Mercer Island.   The entrance is on 77th Ave. SE.  That is the front main entrance side of the building.   Please park on Floor 1 in any spot that is not marked “Reserved”.  

From the parking garage proceed to the “B” lobby of the building.  Stay on Floor 1.  At the “B” Lobby entrance you will find a keypad.  Scroll to my name on it.  Call the number next to my name by pressing “Phone”  on the key pad.   When I receive your call I will buzz you in from my iPhone.  If you have any difficulty upon entering call me on my cell phone at 206-683-7700.  Take the elevator in “B” Lobby to floor 3. Coming out of the elevator enter the long corridor heading toward the South end of the building and I will be waiting with the door open to the Studio.    

Parents are required to be present at all lessons where the student is under 18 years of age.   My policy is to teach only when an adult is in attendance at all lessons.  You are welcome to attend the lesson or wait in the comfortable waiting room adjoining the lesson room.  There is ample seating available for bringing siblings.    

As stated earlier in this section, I can share with students up to $80.00 of music during the teaching year free of charge.  The purpose of providing this in connection with their current studies is to help broaden their understanding of the music they are playing.  I have collected this music for students to begin their own music library for reference and for learning pieces on their own. 

Tuition and Attendance Policies

Tuition may be paid annually, quarterly, or monthly.  It is in any case due at the first lesson of each month for the month in advance.  Monthly payments have been equally pro-rated over the 10 month teaching year from September through June. 

Please note that I adhere to the same lesson attendance policies as local private schools in the Seattle area.  Which is, if you miss a lesson you are charged and there is no make up of that lesson and no refund is provided.  If I miss a lesson,  i will refund the full amount of that lesson to you, unless we can reschedule it at your convenience.   

My policy regarding lesson attendance and missed lessons, however, is somewhat more flexible than administered by the public and private schools in the area.  If you must miss a lesson I will try my best to reschedule it.  However, I can only do that within the two month period the lesson is missed and only if I have a vacancy during  my regular business hours for teaching. Normally, no has to pay for a lesson not taken because of this policy.  Having at least 24 hours notice is very helpful in carrying out this policy.  If you can do that, please do.  

Since I will be both traveling to your homes this year and teaching in the Mercer Island Studio.  In travel,  I will do everything possible to be on time for lessons.  Weather and traffic conditions hopefully will allow keeping me on schedule.  If I am going to be more than 15 minutes late I will call you or text you from the road.  (Safely)

Should you have any questions regarding these attendance policies please let me know.  Please continue to the next section for Registration.  This form must be completed by all students and brought to the first lesson of the teaching year,  as it is a requirement for my State certification as a music teacher.  


 SnoValley Piano Studio On The Ridge and Mercer Island Piano Studio

Registration Form

2018- 19 Teaching Year

1. Please Provide the Names of All Students in the Family, one page for each.  Please provide the students (under 21) birth date:   

2. Parents Names:  


Phone Number


3. Please indicate student’s planned time commitment to piano study in addition to regular lesson times:  

4. Are there any special needs the student has which should be considered in the lesson time?

5. What are the student’s goals for this year:

6. I prefer that all my students take part in the Carnegie Hall - Royal Conservatory Achievement Program.  Please indicate if this is something in which you cannot participate.  If you will, please share your reasons if you cannot participate.    

Please sign this form and bring it to the first lesson of the teaching year 2018-19

________________________________Parent’s or Students SignatureYour Piano Teacher 

Bob is a National and Washington State Certified Teacher of Music in Piano.  He is also qualified to teach music theory and keyboard harmony.  He has been teaching piano for over 50 years.  In 1999 he founded SnoValley Piano Studio on the Ridge, Inc. and since then he has maintained a full studio providing piano lessons for students of all ages.  Bob’s students have won awards at the Seattle International Piano Competition and have completed their examinations with the Royal Conservatory of Music Achievement Program at both the High Honors and High Honors With Distinction levels.  

Bob is an award winning pianist and teacher.  He is a Founding Teacher of the Carnegie Hall - Royal Conservatory of Music Achievement Program,  an international program for providing a framework for music students in establishing goals of achievement in music performance, theory, and history over the course of a ten year period during which students must meet national set standards through adjudication,  upon which they receive graded recognition.  This program provides a foundation for continued motivation and improvement over the tenure of of each student’s studies in graded music.  More information can be found at the next section of this Newsletter. 

Bob is as a professional pianist performing regularly at venues in Seattle.  He has served as Banquet Pianist for Seattle corporations including Boeing, Washington Mutual Bank, and Columbia Bank, as well as Salish Lodge & Spa, Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club, the Sorrento Hotel, Cedarbrook, and many more.  

In addition to his piano performance he is now retired from his career as orchestral bassoonist.  He served as both principal and assistant principal bassoonist for numerous community symphony orchestras throughout the country including locally the Sammamish Symphony Orchestra and the Quintessential Woodwind Quintet.    

His teachers have been Val Pajer, Ruth Johnson at Mannes College of Music (The New School), Juilliard teacher Josef Raieff, Frances Clark, Morton Estrin, Peter Mack, Cassandra Carr, William Chapman Nyaho, and Frank Heneken.  He has concertized in Korea, Cuba, New York City, Bellevue, and other cities throughout US and other countries.   

The Royal Conservatory

The Royal Conservatory of Music is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world, and is the partner organization of The Music Development Program. Providing the definitive standard in music education through its materials, assessment, performance, and teacher education, the programs of The Royal Conservatory have had a substantial impact upon the lives of millions of people globally.  The Royal Conservatory has helped to train a number of great artists including Glenn Gould, Oscar Peterson, David Foster, Sarah McLachlan, Angela Hewitt, and Diana Krall.

Motivated by its powerful mission to develop human potential through music and the arts, The Royal Conservatory has emerged over the last two decades as a leader in the development of arts-based programs that address a wide range of social issues. For more information on the Royal Conservatory of Music, please visit www.rcmusic.ca.












Preserve the memories of your special event in the sounds of live music.

Performing regularly as a freelance pianist at a variety of musical events in the Seattle area. 

Award winning Seattle wedding pianist, plays the full repertoire of ceremony music for weddings and other functions, both classical and jazz.  
Performing regularly  at such venues as the Salish Lodge and Spa, Seattle Harbor Club, Cedarbrook, Lake Union Cafe, Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club, the Willows Lodge, Sand Point Country Club, Mayflower Park Hotel, Echo Falls Country Club,  Sorrento Hotel, Chapel by Echo Bay, Skansonia Ferry, Bacon Mansion, Inglewood Golf Club, Antheia Ballroom, Villa Rosa Academy, Seattle Westin Hotel, Golf Club at Newcastle, Marysville Opera House, the Wilsonian Ballroom, Tibbetts Creek Manor, UW Newman Center,  Seattle DAR Hall, DeLile Winery, Inglewood Golf Club, Stimson-Greene Mansion,  Deca Hotel, Washington Athletic Club and more.  

The Beautiful Sounds of Live Piano Music
Bob Pajer Performing At Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club


  Bob's following includes audiences who love listening to old and new favorites in popular, country and new age style, the jazz standards and classical music.

Bob is a proud member of the following organizations:


Music Teachers National Association

Founding Teacher Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory of Music 
Acheivement Program 

The Washington State Music Teachers Association

East Side Chapter of Washington State Music Teachers Association

City of Snoqualmie License No.  05-0035960
Lake Washington Chapter of the Washington State Music Teachers Association